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[Permissions Meme!]

!Power Assisted Kick Shoes - These shoes, as you can tell by the link are not ordinary shoes. They have three main settings to them. Low, Medium and High.
Most of the time someone comes in contact with these shoes they will be on the Low Setting. Which is probably a bit more harsh than a high school soccer star's kick but the worst it can do is knock someone out and leave a nasty bruise. The Medium setting isn't used so often since it went right through a tree. The Highest setting has only been used once in canon, and that was to stop a man from stabbing a child.

To make it easy on everyone, I will specify if the setting is NOT on low. He is also not going to kick something at the first thing that moves. It is for self defense and breaking down doors.

Voice Change Bowtie - Exactly what it sounds like. With this Conan can imitate anyone's voice of his choosing. That includes your character if you give permission.

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001.Addict 002.Ironic 003.Crush 004.Downstairs 005.Tragedy
006.Silver 007.Glass 008.Sacred 009.Moment 010.Wherever
011.Element 012.Green 013.Bubble 014.Reach 015.Face
016.Bump 017.Daze 018.Smoke 019.Change 020.Hold
021.Reality 022.Voice 023.Clinic 024.Break 025.Failure
026.Coffee 027.Stand 028.Loss 029.Moron 030.Define
031.Remind 032.Interrogate 033.Outside 034.River 035.Misery
036.Aftermath 037.Whiteboard 038.Rejection 039.Ask 040.Note
041.Beautiful 042.Fall 043.Evidence 044.Remember 045.Borrow
046.Feelings 047.Vacation 048.Emergency 049.Sacrifice 050.Left Behind
051.Chaos 052.Spine 053.Mail 054.World 055.Easy
056.Dismiss 057.Pain Relief 058.Jaded 059.Demon 060.Convert
061.Save Us All 062.Accuracy 063.Rumour 064.Phone 065.Banter
066.Technology 067.Heated 068.Sea 069.Resent 070.White
071.Reason 072.Funeral 073.Hidden 074.Crime 075.Bug
076.Wait A Minute! 077.Constant 078.Welcome Home 079.Intention 080.Dying
081.Bravery 082.Impulsive 083.Deny 084.Plank 085.Jealousy
086.Steal 087.Games 088.Block 089.Inspiration 090.Why me?
091.Abandon 092.Climb 093.Wish 094.Enclosed 095.Traumatized
096.Writer's Choice. 097.Writer's Choice. 098.Writer's Choice. 099.Writer's Choice. 100.Writer's Choice.

Want me to write you a drabble? Give me one of the listed prompts and the character(s) you'd like to see.

→This is RP related so one of mine should probably be present. If you are unsure who all I play:

Aoko Nakamori @ [community profile] mayfield_rpg
Conan Edogawa | Shinichi Kudo @ [community profile] mayfield_rpg
Harry James Potter @ [community profile] onepassingnight
Heiji Hattori @ [community profile] paradisa
Kaito Kuroba @ [community profile] magicdrafted, [community profile] vatheon, [community profile] onepassingnight
Vermouth @ [community profile] magicdrafted

Obviously, nothing is game canon.
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Conan is a super awesome detective- I am not. He is highly, highly observant and notices the smallest of details- I'm not kidding the smallest. His Methods follow that of Sherlock Holmes for the most part as he knows the small details make up the big picture. So! What can Conan deduce from your character? If it helps at all, think about it like Sherlock Holmes is the one making observations as, like I said, Conan uses his methods.

Permissions Questionnaire - Please fill this out!

If you fill this out then I will respond with any extra notes Conan has made about your character about his personal thoughts on them. Some of them will be flattering and others... not so much.
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[Phone - open to all]

[Sounding all for the world like a very curious child]

Ne, ne! Everyone keeps saying not to drink the milk, and I've heard that it's poisoned- but what kind is it? Who would poison milk? Where does it even come from?

[Action - House hold only - evening]

[On the on the kitchen counter there is an almost empty bottle milk and a few glasses of the stuff seated beside it- several have a few thing floating in them- like a few blades of grass- a bug (which Conan actually did not put in there but if it wanted to sacrifice itself for science...) and the one with ice.]

[Conan currently is holding another of the glasses over the stove, turned on high- he's got a some tongs to ensure he doesn't burn himself as he waits, standing on a chair for it heat up. It's not the safest experiment for a seven year old to be doing, is it?]


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